is a global provider of pavement-marking tapes and non-skid materials under the Flex-O-Line brand.



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Flex-O-LineTM brand pavement striping tapes are conformable and highly reflective films which are designed to provide excellent nighttime delineation during either dry or light-to-moderate rainfall. Flex-O-LineTM tapes are weather resistant and provide excellent color retention. Experience has shown that the highly reflective “Wet Reflective” and “Construction Grade” tapes are generally more durable than conventional high quality paint, and will show no appreciable fading, lifting, hrinking or chipping when applied according to manufacturer’s instructions. Meets all state and federal requirements where applicable, and when removability is not a priority.


Hi-Index Glass Beads
Flex-O-LineTM uses exclusive 1.9 hi-index glass beads specifically engineered to provide maximum retroreflectivity. Anything less decreases retro-reflectivity and sacrifices safety. No other pavement tape matches the brilliance of Flex-O-LineTM.

Aluminum Base
Flex-O-LineTM is built upon a rugged and conformable aluminum base that molds to any road surface.

In an effort to support the environment and “Go Green”, Flex-O-Line TM uses all Lead Free paints.

Superior Adhesive
Flex-O-Line’sTM exceptional adhesive provides simple unwinding coupled with superior holding power.

For a fraction more than temporary paint, and significantly less than removable tape, Flex-O-LineTM provides greater retroreflectivity and eliminates replacement costs.